HO Omni Hovercraft 2019

size: 69"


  • Swallow Tail Tri-Fin For Surf Style Control: Very easy to turn without having to master edge control. The swallow tail thruster facilitates great hold and traction while it's three fins enable pivotal turns from the tail, like a surfboard.
  • Extra Stable Platform For Easy Deep Water Starts: The fuller ski outline means clear directional getups...less wobble & less spray in the face! More surface area also allows for smoother getups at slower speeds!
  • Flexbody construction: Lightweight high-flex build allows users to steer from the tail to dynamically maneuver or cruise and mellow. Great for learning and super fun for advanced --- rips like a surfboard!
  • Speedskin Base: Fish-scale inspired advanced laminar textured ski base reduces ski drag and increases ski speed by breaking up water molecules during ski to water contact
  • Hex Fin: NACA Airfoil inspired 3-dimensional fin enhances ski versatility by increasing glide speed and turning properties