HO Syndicate Pro Water Ski 2022

size: 65"


  • Narrower Width, From Tip To Tail - Rolls on to higher edge angle to drop into turn more naturally and holds more direction into wakes.
  • Continuous Radius Rockerline - We took the proven, rock-solid stable Omega rocker line and increased its maneuverability by replacing the flat spot with a continuous radius rocker.
  • Updated Bevel Package - Rounder, larger bevel allows the ski to roll on edge better with increased stability.
  • Pin Tail - Narrower pulled in tail for increased maneuverability.
  • Full Carbon Jacket - In addition to its carbon-fiber interior, this ski is equipped with a carbon fiber-wrapped top and base. This abundance of high-performance aerospace carbon fiber results in a lighter, stiffer ski with more responsiveness than ever before.
  • Syndicate Construction - A proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and ultra-lightweight PVC Foam Core Technology for a lighter more responsive ski that utilizes the world's top materials for unparalleled performance
  • Carbon Fiber Speedskin - Advanced laminar textured ski base to reduce ski drag & increase speed, with 20% less ski weight!
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin - A simple, minimal and functional design utilizing a single 5-32 hex key for micro-adjustment and fin blade clamping